Email Subscriptions are Back

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In another case of Google killing off a service that a lot of people use, they killed off the RSS to email subscription feature of Feedburner, which is what this site (and many, many others) used to provide email subscriptions for updates. After a lot of hunting, I settled on to replace that functionality. It’s completely free for subscribers and has a lot more options than Feedburner offered.

We’ve imported our previous subscribers who had previously confirmed their subscription. Any subscribers who were still in pending status did not get imported. Sorry, you’ll have to re-subscribe. For those and anyone else who’d like to subscribe, just enter your email address and click the Subscribe button along the right or click on the email icon at the top of the page. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, just follow the link in any of the emails from 

 If you prefer RSS, that’s still available from the RSS icon at the top. While you’re up there, feel free to click on the appropriate icon to follow me on social media. 

 Let me know how the transition to is by dropping a comment below or sending me a note through the contact form over at the right. Thanks!

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