New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year
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Well, it’s about that time again, as one year is about to give over to a new. And what a shit year it’s been. May the next be better.  I’m popping these out a little early, though, help offset all those years it was late.

It’s been almost 6 years since I published anything under the D Lee brand. That’s depressing. I certainly have plenty of things in various stages of completion but nothing ready for publication (well, except for Bound, but you can read about why I’m not releasing that here). The next piece is A Tale for Christmas, or A Christmas Tale, or something like that (I still haven’t settled on a final title). It’s on its next to last draft (I think/hope), and the last is pretty quick as I run it through ProWritingAid for that final polish. I follow that with an out-loud read-through to see what my ears catch that my eyes have missed. Then, the cover gets its due attention, and its off for beta reading. Which lead me into my New Year’s resolutions.


#1: Fucking Publish Something

The past few years have been pretty brutal. I’ve gotten very little writing done until the last couple of months. I finally seem to have settled into a bit of a groove, picking up some writing/editing/illustration time in the evenings while my wife is working and the kids are off glued to their screens. I also have sort of worked up an imperfect mobile writing solution in lieu of there being an Android version of Scrivener (how I long for that). I write in Word on my phone when I find myself waiting such as for a car appointment, which syncs into Dropbox, and then I can pull those scenes into Scrivener on my computer. It’s not my favorite, but it’s better than nothing. I could have gotten an iPhone, but I don’t want Scrivener on my phone that badly.

#2: Lose Some Weight

So, now my doctor has put me on some medication to help my blood sugar, but the kicker is, I can’t drink alcohol while on this medication. So, I’ve been booze-free throughout the worst of 2020, and if there was ever a year when I needed booze, it was this one. Fuck you, 2020! On the plus side, I’ve been one motivated motherfucker, and thanks to the Lose It! App, Total Gym, and lots of walking, I’m down almost 25 pounds. So, here’s to drinking in 2021 after I get down the last 15-20.

#3: Make up for Lost Drinking

Usually, it’s drink less, right?  Not me.  I’ve finally been able to afford a decent liquor cabinet, and it sits there, calling to me. My days practically demand it, especially now that I’ve found a new arch nemesis at work, the pathetic little worm. He has inspired me on a couple of upcoming antagonists, so there’s that silver lining.

#4: Spend Time with my Family

I saved the best for last.  When the kids come in the room, I stop writing, because family is way important than fiction. The oldest just turned 18. That blows my mind. My time with them, seeing them every day, is waning. I want to make the most of it. My wife and I aren’t getting any younger, and a lot of families lost loved ones, and not just the frail and sick, thanks to the damn virus this year (including ours.  Fuck you, Covid-19!). Nobody ever wishes they’d worked more at the end, and that’s something I’ve tried to keep in mind, even at the expense of less fiction that, frankly, few care about. Even if they did, family’s still more important.  It’s more a creative outlet for me. I certainly don’t make enough to quit the day job, although I hope to someday, which is one of the reasons I keep going. So, if you like the writing, tell some people or leave a review. The more I sell, the closer I get to quitting that day job, and then I can really start to crank out some words AND get to be around my family more.  Win win.


That’s it. 4 resolutions are enough for me. Since the writing is more fun than the editing, I look forward to getting back to doing some of that. We’ll see how well I can pick up some of these unfinished works and see them through to completion. I have noticed that many, many thousands of words in, it’s all getting a little easier and smoother. By the time I hit a million, this should be a piece of cake. Ha!

I hope your next year is better, that your holidays are safe and peaceful, and that Santa treats you well.

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